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About Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar was born in a small village in India and now lives in the teeming metropolis of New Delhi to pursue his art. Since childhood, he has felt a close connection with nature, and loved taking care of plants and flowers. Often, he used to lose himself in the garden and he felt that the inspiration he got from nature was of a spiritual kind. While growing up, Kishore would be excited seeing art materials and wanted to learn about art in every possible way. Despite economic pressures and the responsibility of being the only son, his parents allowed him to pursue his passion and Kishore joined Khairagarh Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Asia’s first university dedicated to the musical and performing arts.


Khairagarh is a quiet, tranquil place in central India and while studying there Kishore felt that he had found a place where he could truly belong. Surrounded by teachers, art and other students he was thrilled with the opportunities and stimulation he received in this environment. Kishore continued his training and finished his Masters in Fine Art, which was followed by a scholarship as a research scholar at Lalit Kala Academy, India’s prestigious National Academy of Fine Art. Over the years, his admiration for nature started to be reflected in his art and Kishore started to see the transformation in his painting. The color, forms, lines, texture and composition are entirely inspired by nature. In his work are leaves, flowers, buds, fruit and a close look shows nature’s companions such as spiders, bees, and butterflies. Kishore likes to work with various mediums such as, watercolor, oil, acrylic and pen and ink.


Kishore graduated six years ago and has since exhibited his work at several group and solo shows all over India and most recently was invited to participate at the International Art Biennale in Beijing, China. This rising artist won several awards for his work as a student, which has been followed by recognition and accolades by the Bombay Art Society, Mumbai, and at the All India Water Color and All India Art Exhibitions. His work has been sold to private collectors in India, China and the US and can also be seen in corporate collections in India.

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